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Free is Good September 15, 2015

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I’ll be doing some giveaways for the paperback edition of A WHISPER IN THE NOISE, my latest novel. Details coming soon…


What I Like About Writing July 20, 2015

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Not much really. But I do like the after…the reading. I really enjoy setting aside my work then going back and being pleasedĀ  (most of the time) with how my idea was transformed into something I can share with others. I’ve never been much of a writer’s writer. I don’t enjoy talking about writing. If I were a quantum physicist, I’d avoid the lab and group brainstorming in favor of sitting around by myself and theorizing.

And one thing I’ve never gotten enthused about is the idea of self-marketing via social networks. Not only does the concept seem like work, but pushing my writing on others seems bothersome to all involved. Maybe it’s a flaw in my self-confidence, maybe I’m just lazy. If I’m not that writer who has to write everyday, how can I be the one who stays on top of the social networking aspect? And I wonder if it’s even worth it? Has anyone read this far? Would I have even read this far?

All that being said, I’m going to try to make a concerted effort to blog more, tweet more, etc., and hopefully what I put out there for you will be interesting enough to keep your attention for those few seconds you take the time to experience it. I invite you to check out my website for the links to my Instagram, Twitter, and other profiles that might interest you. And feel free to provide feedback. You never know when I might send out a free book or cookies or something.

I should’ve been a quantum physicist March 20, 2008

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I don’t have the brain for blogging, which is why you’ll not see a daily entry here. I’ll be lucky to post once a week. There are many reasons for this. So many people do it better, including my fiancee’, who can take one thought from her day and turn it into an entertaining, though-provoking entry. I also rarely keep track of any interesting thoughts I have during the course of a day. Also, even when I do have an idea, I can become quickly bored with the prospect of sharing it as most ideas or themes has been explored, explained, and exploited by myself and many before me. It’s like sitting in a coffee shop and eavesdropping on a group of people ten years younger, having that same deep conversation on (insert topic here) we’ve all had (or will have) repeatedly over the span of our lives. The need for novelty also effects my writing. (more…)