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You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours…for a little while. August 18, 2015

Posted by Erik Tomblin in Instagram, Promotion, Social Media, Twitter, Writing.
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Now that I’ve been more (loosely speaking) active on social media for the purpose of promoting my writing, I’m remembering why I didn’t care for that method to begin with. There are so many writers, musicians, artist, etc. that are doing the same thing. Some are strictly about promoting their own work, some that go beyond that but stay in the same discipline, and some use it more as a communication tool for actual interaction outside of the “product” they are selling. I don’t tolerate the first group very well, depending on the “product.” The second group is tolerable, though my interest is lost quickly when it comes to the writers in that group. To be fair, it’s not them, it’s me (*nod to Costanza). I enjoy the third group because you get to know the person better and the topics at hand aren’t so linear.

I’ve quickly learned that there are many artists and non-artists just looking for a “follow.” It really is a strange behavior and there certainly has to be some doctoral theses out there about the need of these people to have more followers than the number of people they follow. I had one Instagram follower that added me in the infancy of my account, liked most of my pics, but didn’t post much. This user’s account was private, but I was granted viewership when I followed back. When I did finally like one of this user’s recent pictures, I was unfollowed (but not blocked). Very strange behavior, but I can only chalk it up to that need mentioned above.

I’ve seen firsthand how important these “likes” are to some people, primarily kids and teens. I’m not really sure how prevalent this behavior is with adults, but I suppose “adult” is a subjective term. I’ve never been the kind of person who cared much if someone didn’t like me, so my opinion on this is rooted strongly in that personality trait. In any case, I’ll keep plugging along and trying to post at least somewhat interesting photos and tweets. It’s difficult when you’re not the kind of person who documents every thought, image, or event that piques your interest.



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