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The End is Nigh? August 3, 2015

Posted by Erik Tomblin in Uncategorized.
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It seems like over the past decade or two, if you pay attention to the news and Internet, the world is just falling down around us into a pit of human waste. Just take a look at any front page or crime section of any online news site. It’s quite disheartening. It becomes even more so if you dare to read the comments on all of these articles that chronicle the depravities of mankind. It’s as if having an open mind and the desire to investigate before forming an opinion are practically non-existent.

But I personally don’t believe the world is getting worse, at least not the way most people might. With social media and technology the way it is, we hear/read about every little thing that happens in places we might not even know existed, everything from a triple-homicide to a kitten sneezing. I’m sure every generation has thought their current state of the world is worse off than those before, past times they existed through or have only read about. But now that we’re being fed so much more of the world’s problems, it feels overwhelming.

Think about that the next time you hear/read of something so unbelievably horrible happening one state over or across the globe. Those things have been happening throughout the history of man. But thanks to a rising population and the lightning-fast spread of information today, we get to hear about more of it all the time. Oh, joy.

I’d love to see a study that looks at the percentages of these occurrences as far back as possible, percentages based on local population and the Earth’s population as a whole. I have no doubt that the percentage would show an increase; technological advances have also made it easier for the perpetrators to do their deeds. But how significant would that increase be? It seems that references to “the good ol’ days” is really just an indicator of blissful ignorance. But what do I know? I’m no history major or anthropologist.



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